CubicVR 3D Engine (C++) moving to GitHub

Just a note to let everyone know that the C++ version of the CubicVR 3D Engine is being moved to GitHub (  You can find the new repository at  CubicVR now utilizes the cross-platform build system CMake ( for most platforms with the exception of Dreamcast and PSP which have independent Makefiles. 


All builds now include bullet (updated to 2.78 for all platforms) as part of the build process; CMake will generate the bullet library configuration along with CubicVR into a single project. Also included is TinyJPEG ( which removes the requirement for libjpeg on all platforms. 


The new repository does not continue the layout of the existing sourceforge repository, instead it will be kept minimal and any larger projects will be moved to separate repositories at GitHub.  The old repository had become very large (>1.0gb to checkout root) and encumbered with project files, resources and several sub-projects that would have been better served in their own repository.

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